Mason Jar Sconce

Posted by Misty on Jan 22nd 2020

Our first project is the Mason Jar sconce! These are simple and beautiful to any rustic decorations. We did this in a Welcome door hanger. The below pictures are from Pinterest. 

Materials needed

Board just wide enough for the mason jar you are using

Mason Jar

Acrylic paint colors of your choosing

Hobby twinkly lights twinkle light

Hose clamps or twine and wall hook of choice

Paint brush

Clear coat

The boards you can just cut yourself or you can get some already cut and stained at Wal-Mart in the crafts section. Amazon also have some good selection too. Just needs to be a little wider than the mason jar you are using. Then you will need acrylic paint of your color if you are coloring your jar. We paint the outside of the jar that way if we want to we can use real flowers in the mason jar. Once painted spray the outside with the clear coat. Take your hose clamp and drill a screw in the back side of it into your board but make sure it is not so long it goes all the way through. If you are using twine instead of hose clamp you want to attach your hook in the top of the board. See bottom picture. Wrap your twine around good. I suggest using a hot glue gun to attach to your mason jar. you will make a loop long enough to hang from your hook. Using hose clamp once attached to board then you just put in your jar and tighten it up with the screw driver.

And there you have it a nice hanging jar you can now put real flowers in or fake. If you want the twinkly lights in it just follow the link above to give you the actual name and purchase.